Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Style Spring Bracelets

Welcome Spring!!!


Hand made silk rose and burlap bracelet.

Wire wrapped swarovski crystal bangle.

Time is Irrelevant

Queen Bee in silver or gold.

Custom dainty 3 initial wire bangle.


Tanya said...

Hey gal. Check out my blog. I think I won one of your creations at Keno Monday night. Also, I think I purchased one of your creations at Et Cetera for Olivia's Easter basket. It was a red necklace that said "Mommy's Girl" with a little purple rhinestone thing hanging from it.. I just LOVE your stuff friend.

Mim said...

How much are the Queen Bee bracelets? Thinking of one for a real "Queen BEE" Just e-mail to fill me in on the ETSY store.

Anonymous said...

Very unique and lovely.

Anonymous said...

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Please Remember -

As with all jewelry, please remember to keep these out of the reach of little hands. They do contain glass and can break. Also, beads can be a choking hazard. Always take care to ensure safety for your child. Also, remember they are not waterproof, so please remove before bathing. Thanks.


Since every piece is custom , if you email me with an inquiry I am happy to estimate your heirloom for you. Thank you.