Friday, October 1, 2010

Do you feel the chill in the air?
My heart is happy. So many memories from fall in past years fill my mind. I am excited.
Excited that it is time to clean and boil the pumpkins to make home made pumpkin pie. It is almost time to get scarves and mittens out and that makes me smile! I am excited it is time to paint the kids faces and dress them up. I am thrilled it is time for chocolate and all sorts of goodies.

Note to self: get the kids new toothbrushes for all of the candy.

Fall is a busy time which leads to an even busier winter. You know how you always think "January will slow down" but it never does? Because then you start shopping for sweet cards and more chocolate and ballgames continue on. WHEW~ I am getting ahead of myself. For now, I am just going to enjoy morning coffee and a cool walk in the afternoons. God truly showers us with blessings in the little things.

Happy Friday,

1 comment:

Tanya said...

Happy Friday to you Tab!!! Love you.

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